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Twenty two miles on the B.R. Trail

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Twenty two miles on the B.R. Trail

Post by snowsurfer1973 on Thu May 01, 2008 3:09 pm

Hiked this weekend on the buffalo River Trail from the Jim Vilines boyhood home parking area to Kiles Landing. It is about 11 miles one way on some great scenic trail. Camped at Kiles landing area on a sandy beach and had a great evening along the river. Went for a swim in the morning and headed back leisurly the next morning. Saw some elk and deer grazing in a field and spent some time peacefully watching them. It was a great hike. The Buffalo River is by far my favorite and the most scenic area I have hiked in the state so far. Will be going back as soon as I can but will do a different part this time, still want to see Hawksbill Crag.
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Re: Twenty two miles on the B.R. Trail

Post by David Holthus on Fri May 02, 2008 12:24 pm

Hawksbill Crag is a great hike, short and sweet. I like to go to the top and look down, then hike the creek down to the bottom. The Canyon on the Buffalo above the Boxley bridge is very scenic, one of the most remote areas in Arkansas. The river above the Boxley bridge, where you turn off the pavement to go to Hawksbill Crag, is called the Hailstone to keep the casual canoe paddlers off of it. The trip is 14 miles from the putin to the take out at the Boxley bridge. There is a trail from the putin that goes down the river about 1.5 miles on river right, it is the trail you use to walk back to your truck if you think the river is above your skill level. From that point on the river wind thru steep canyon walls and big rapids with virtually no way to hike out except straight up. The feeling of being away from it all in a very remote area is awesome here. To make this trip we put on at first light a keep very aware of our pace. If there are any issues that keep you from getting to the take out before dark you can plan on spending the night on the river. Unfortunately there are no trails that I know of into this canyon so the only way to see it is by canoe or kayak.

David Holthus
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