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Sleeping bag sponge

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Sleeping bag sponge

Post by joliem on Fri Apr 25, 2008 8:46 pm

Sometimes it pays to buy a good synthetic bag. Especially when you make bonehead mistakes. This fall my buddies and I did the sylamore trail over the weekend for their first walk in the woods. That night I needed a drink before bed so what do I do I spill my liter bottle all over the floor of the tent. Not sure what to do while watching it flood toward my tentmate. Needless to say I grabbed my slumberjack 20 degree bag and mopped my tent floor (It was dirty anyway). Luckily it only got down into the 40's that night so I was able to put the bag around my lower legs until the bag was semi-dry and I was cold and tired enough that I didn't care. I did wake up warm and dry though.

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Re: Sleeping bag sponge

Post by Jay on Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:57 pm

Hi Jolie! At least you mopped up the water on purpose.

I was on the 3rd night of a 7 day trip when it rained all night. I didn't know it, but my tent floor had lost a seam and a huge puddle had formed right next to me all along the inside edge of my tent. About midnight, I rolled over and that puddle soaked my bag from top to bottom. And it WASN'T Synthetic. It was in the 20's and I froze for 2 days before it stopped raining long enough to get my bag dried out! MISERABLE!

Anyway, welcome to the site!

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