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What is the difference between email marketing software and service???

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What is the difference between email marketing software and service???

Post by Roads007 on Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:43 am

Best email marketing?

I need to send email blasts to a database of around 15,000 previous customers/guests. But i want more than just to be able to send an email i want it to perhaps have good design templates/wizards, mail open reports and stuff like that.

I have never done this before, it has always been an IT guy who has written some program for me, all i had to do was draft the email and provide the database. But now I am running my own company and don't have an IT department I need to do it myself now.

Any help and advice would be great... By the way I have been told about YMLP... are they any good? I see they offer a lot for only 3.75USD per month... but if someone can tell me of a better alternative then i will go with that...


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