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Compton Trail from Centerpoint

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Compton Trail from Centerpoint

Post by Roads007 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:11 am

Hey ,
Just reporting in. Had an amazing hike today along the compton trail to Hemmed-in Hallow. What a sight that is. I hooked up with the spur trail on my way down and followed that along the bluff to get some great shots and ended up finding some primitive campsites carved out of the cliff side with a view out of this world. For those of you from these parts I'm sure you already know what I am talking about, if you don't you gotta check it out. Got some great photos along the way, you can check them out on my link on the home page, go down to compton photos on my site to see the pics. I think you all will appreciate them. Felt good to bust out ten miles before noon, got my old legs back again. Hope you all got out there at some point this weekend


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