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Why On Earth Would You Want To Call...

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Why On Earth Would You Want To Call...

Post by Roads007 on Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:45 am

Why in the world would anyone want to call their warm market to recruit into their network marketing business?

In my opinion this is a waste of time becuase you only want to talk to qualified prospects such as people already in network marketing. When you call your warm market most likely they do not care about starting a business(especially one of thos pyramid schemes lol)or achieving time and finacial freedom.

I would rather use the Internet to build a list of prospects that are already out there looking to develop themselves into a better networker, build a realtionship with them, then recruit some of them into my business or sell them an information product.

You can't develop multiple streams of income building a network marketing business offline it makes so much more sense to do this online and throw away your warm market list or better yet never write one.

Your new warm list is in your autoresponder.
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